The Swamp Road Chronicles®


After the homecoming game at my high school, (Watkins Memorial) my boyfriend Hans and I went to a friend's house for a little party, when it came time to leave we were still feeling pretty wound up after the game and everything, so we thought, since it was almost Halloween, we should do something "Halloweeny", as he said.  He always had an awful good way with words. He's real smart! He told me once that back in middle school he was the 7th grade class president TWO YEARS IN A ROW, if you can believe that! I'm lucky to have him for my boyfriend.


Anyway, he came up with the idea of going over to Swamp Road and see if we could spot some orbs like we had before, or, who knows, maybe even see Sally herself. When we got there we pulled off the road beside that little creek, there's a wide spot there and a path that leads back into some trees. Hans said that there used to be a house back there a long time ago. I've never been back up in there, it's too scary for me. I know there would be some fool with a Scream mask on or somebody dressed like a clown offering free hugs or something and it would give me a heart attack.


Well, we sat there for a while, and you know boys; soon we were making out and we forgot all about the orbs and stuff. You couldn't even see outside anyway, because of all of the steamed-up windows and the fog on the outside of the car making the windows fog up on the outside too.


We had moved to the back seat because it's just more comfortable, you know. I looked over at one of the windows and let out such a loud scream that Hans later said he nearly peed himself; well, I nearly peed myself too! Somebody had taken their finger and wrote "Sin" in the fogged-up window. They must have been watching us! I was shaking and crying and telling Hans to let go of me.


Jeez, was Hans mad! He jumped out of that car, as soon as he could, ready to beat the snot out of whoever the pervert was that had been watching us. Oh, my God! I was so embarrassed! And, scared too; who knows what kind of homicidal maniac could have been out there? Late, late at night, just two kids in the middle of an old swamp, no houses close by. He could have killed us both or worse! Oh, my God! It scares me to death!


Hans ran around the car and out into the road looking all around but he never found anyone. I don't know if it was Swamp Road Sally or some Jeffrey Dahmer type, but they sure gave me a Swamp Road memory!


As submitted by Bathsheba Creek 10-12-2022


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