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"She Touched Me"


Editor's Note: (Dear Swamp Road Chronicles Reader,

Thank you for following my site. This report is a little different from others. It is transcribed from an audio recording of the interview I conducted with the experiencer who requires that she be kept anonymous. This transcription has been edited for brevity and clarity)


Me: "Good evening. For the purpose of this interview I will refer to you as "Mary", since you wish to remain anonymous, will that be O.K. with you?"


Mary: That's fine, and thank you. By the way, Mary was my mother's name, so that's good.


Me: Excellent! Mary, we were introduced to each other by a mutual acquaintance who thought your story should be told, and my site was the ideal place for telling it because I report on matters concerning the ghost known as "Swamp Road Sally." I understand that you had a life-changing encounter with Sally's ghost, is that correct?


Mary: Yes, it certainly is. Totally life-changing.


Me: Well, Mary, I guess we should start at the beginning- would you like to share with me and my readers about your encounter with Swamp Road Sally, and what it was that so impacted your life?


Mary: Yes, well, my story began a long time ago. I was 16; I'm 76 now, so it was about 1963. I was on the cross-country team at my high school and my training regimen included a 12 mile run every day but Sunday. One evening I was running on Swamp Road and met Sally. I rarely ran on that road, but I tried to mix-up my routes so it would be less boring.


I was headed south about a mile from the beginning of Swamp Road when I noticed a beautiful patch of wild butterfly bush growing beside the road that was just covered with butterflies. I needed a little break anyway, so I stopped to enjoy the beautiful show. I watched them with delight for a minute or two until I became aware of someone coming up on my left side. I turned to look, and there beside me, was a girl about my age. I said "Hi", to her and she just smiled at me.

She seemed very kind and nice, though her face was quite pale. She reached out and laid her hand on my left shoulder. That touch changed my life.


It seemed like I was in a daze for a minute or two and when I come to myself, she was gone. But the warm, tingling sort of electric pulse that her touch caused to my entire body continued for several minutes. I was totally confused; I didn't know what had just happened. I didn't know where the girl had gone. I didn't know who she was. I had heard about Swamp Road Sally, of course, but that girl did not look like a ghost; she looked as alive as you or me. Though, as I said, her face was very pale. I especially didn't understand that wonderful, powerful feeling her touch had caused in me. I had never felt that way before.


After a few minutes, I began my run again and as I ran I tried to make sense of it all. I couldn't. I could not make any sense of it at all. Over the following days and weeks, I discovered that I had changed in remarkable ways. I could tell when something was going to happen, before it happened! I would walk over to pick up the phone before it had rung. I knew who was on the phone before I answered it. I knew when someone was troubled and somehow knew what troubled them as well. I found that I could relate to that person with genuine empathy and caring. Amazingly, I could lay my hand upon an ill person and tell what was wrong and how to cure it.


Me: And you thought those abilities came to you through Sally?


Mary: Absolutely. I also found that I could predict how some situation a person was dealing with would conclude. My friends, and then strangers would come to me with problems and seek my advice. In short, I became a very well-known, successful and prosperous clairvoyant. I would arrange "readings" with important and powerful people; my insight was increasingly sought out and well paid for by the "rich and famous", as they say. And I did, indeed, read for some very rich and famous people; a lot of them


I realized that it was Swamp Road Sally and her touch that day that had given me a set of amazing psychic abilities. Because of her gift to me I have traveled all over the world, I have met kings and sultans, I've written books and appeared on countless TV shows and been interviewed on the radio a great many times. I have had a good, comfortable and exciting life thanks to Sally


Me: Do you have any idea why Sally chose you to bless in that way? And, did you give her credit for empowering you?


Mary: No, I don't know why I was chosen; not at all, not in the least. And, you know, it really seems odd to me that the ghost of a murdered girl could endow another with gifts that way, but she did. Some well-meaning folks have tried to convince me that my abilities are devil-given, not God-given gifts, and I should abandon them, but I don't believe it. My gifts have only been used to assist others, and that's not how the Devil works.


Me: Are you still actively advising people and doing readings?


Mary: Oh, no. I'm retired now. I want to live out my remaining years enjoying God's nature. I want to work in my garden and read tons of books, especially the old classics. That's one reason I want this interview to be anonymously given. I don't want to have people seeking me out. I'm ready for a rest now. Doing what I did was extremely tiring and emotionally damaging.


Me: I want to thank you for telling us your story, Mary. I'm always looking for incidents that help shed light on the kind of spirit Swamp Road Sally is, as I attempt to better understand her and her actions, and your story has certainly done that.


Mary: Thank you for coming by, I look forward to reading my story on your website. Goodbye.


Me: Goodbye, Mary.


As recorded in Granville, Ohio January 29, 2023

Transcribed 6-24-2023 by Randal Hall


Copyright 1992-2023, Randal Lenn Hall, All Rights Reserved.