The Swamp Road Chronicles


"Sally's Locket"

Dear Swamp Road Chronicles


Growing up, I was always fascinated with the legend of Swamp Road Sally. I was visiting my Aunt Eleanor one day and I mentioned Sally to her, she said, "Well, I have something to show you." She led me to her old secretary desk and withdrew an item from a small alabaster box. It was a locket. A small silver locket with a damaged lid.

She said, "My grandfather gave this to me, he said he believed it belonged to Sally Blackstone; the one people call 'Swamp Road Sally'. He found it one day when he was looking around the old Blackstone place. He remembered seeing Miss Sally once. He was very young and just starting school. The faded photo inside the locket looked like he remembered her looking." I said that I thought she wouldn't have her own picture in a locket, but Aunt Eleanor said that she might have had someone else's photo on the other half and maybe she liked having the two close together. "Maybe the other photo was of her mother or a very close friend," my aunt offered.


"My grandfather thought maybe he should bury the locket out of respect for the long-missing girl. Somehow, though, he felt she wanted someone to have it, so he brought it home and kept it in that old alabaster ointment case. If you promise to take care of it, I'll give it to you." Of course, I said "Yes!" I wanted it. She placed it back in its box where I keep it still. I've had it for 50 years now. I've never seen Sally's Ghost and she has never come looking to get her locket back, so I guess she's ok with me having it. I truly cherish it. If we ever do meet, I believe she will smile at me.


Submitted by Violet Sumner, 5-30-2023 Freeport, Florida


(Editor's Note: In the 31 years I have published this site, I continue to learn more about that poor missing young girl. I guess we will never learn her final fate here on Earth, but we don't want to forget her humanity. Sally Blackstone lived, and she was loved and she loved others as well.)


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