The Swamp Road Chronicles


"Sally's Locket Returned"

Swamp Road Chronicles Editor,

I read all of the reports regarding Swamp Road Sally with great interest. Back in May you published a story from a Violet Sumner, she wrote about receiving a locket from her grandfather who claimed it was once Swamp Road Sally's locket.

She said she would cherish the locket and keep to safely stored away. However, I recently discovered the locket with Sally's portrait in it at an estate sale. It was easy to recognize because of your description and photo of it in the "Sally's Locket" report.


When I discovered Sally's locket on a table with glasses, knick-knacks and such, I asked the people running the sale whose estate they were selling, and they told me it was, "Violet Sumner's estate." Violet had passed away and her property was being sold. The young woman running the sale told me that she was Violet's granddaughter. She had no knowledge of the history of the locket, so I was able to buy it for twenty-five cents.


I felt that it should be returned to Sally, so I drove over to Swamp Road and I went to the site of Sally's childhood home. I dug a deep hole in the ground beside the foundation of her now-destroyed home. When I was done, I said a prayer for Sally's soul. I feel really good about returning the locket to Sally, and I pray that it remains undisturbed forever.

I also pray that Sally can find rest for her soul.


I thought that you and your readers would want to know.

Submitted by Brent Stevens, 7-2-2023 Kirkersville, Ohio


(Editor's Note: We wish to express our deepest sympathy to the family of Violet Sumner, a great lady and a true friend of this publication.)


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