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(Editor's Note: This is an edited version of the article printed in the October 31, 1939 issue of the Outville Oracle which was a weekly newspaper.

The author was Manfred Z. Schuler 1900-1941.

This version has been edited for clarity and is copyright protected by

"The Swamp Road Chronicles" 4-24-2023)


My dear readers, it is with some trepidation that I inform you of an incredible event that took place last Sunday during worship service at St. Luke's Episcopalian Church. I have been a member of that church my entire life, and have never had anything of such an extraordinary nature occur there.


A special service was being conducted specifically to seek divine intercession into the events taking place currently in Europe. Reverend Johannsen is adamant that there is a great struggle there between the forces of Good and Evil; he believes that evil will triumph without the prayers of devout men and women. He relates to us visions that have been given to him during his sleep that cause him to awaken in turmoil and with a great fear in his heart. He has been told in those visions that the leader of the German government is not simply a power-hungry tyrant, but a slave of Satan himself. Hitler is his name and he is attempting to put the entire world under his thumb and ultimately under the thumb of Beelzebub, that great liar and murderer.


As the entire congregation was standing and earnestly appealing to God for mercy, a true saint of the church, a venerable lady whose character is unimpeachable, a woman whose prayers have had great power to assist those in need of healing or guidance, walked to the front of the sanctuary and while facing the altar, raised her arms high above her head and, in a voice more powerful than that of any man I have ever heard, she spoke the "Prophecy" I have recorded below to the best of my ability.


I hesitate to provide testimony to this event because it is not the kind of thing we normally witness in our church. I do not consider that there is ANY possibility that the warnings she uttered were from any self-serving motivation. I absolutely believe in her integrity. She said:


"Harken to the words of Melchizedek, the High Priest of the Tribes of Israel: Ye who labor under fear and travail, know ye that the Lord God, the Lord of the host of angels, and the Creator of all is Master of all. All power is in His hands; all events are by His will. The Tempter's spawn will prevail for a time, then be seared of fire."


"An hundred years shall pass and 7 generations. A swamp-child, seed of Blackstones and fruit of this church, will arise to be ten-fold more evil than ever the world has seen. Born in sin of harlot and priest, he will stand in the holy of holies and blaspheme God and the Holy Ghost. When the moment comes that the swamp sings out, myth becomes truth, and a violent death shall usher forth the end of peace.

Pray against that day. Amen!"


The prophetess then bowed her head, tears washing over her face. She seemed to be confused and feeble as she was assisted to her seat. I have had no occasion to speak with her since. At the time of the writing of this article she has been bed-ridden since she spoke her truth. Though very ably attended by Dr. Watkins of Pataskala, she is in a much weakened state and is not expected to recover. I ask your prayers for her.


I do not know what to make of the 'Prophecy", I guess time will tell, when God in His mercy and wisdom reveals all.


Manfred Z. Schuler Outville, Ohio 10-31-1939


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