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"My Father's Story”

(Editor's Note: This submission included a note that read: "I typed out this story for my father so we could send it to your site". As reported by "Anonymous" 9-16-2020:

Back in the early 1980’s, two of my friends and I were driving down Palmer

Road late one night In the 1980’s

Palmer Road did not have many houses on it back then, so it was very dark.

It was raining really hard that evening as we turned left onto Swamp Road.

The lightning flashed and we saw a girl standing on the left side of the road wearing a long white dress.

Her lips were too red, her skin too gray her eyes were too blank.

We were going too fast and we didn't see her until it was too late to stop.

 She was just standing there on the side of the road in the pouring rain.

When we got to a place in the road where we could turn around, we

drove back to where we had seen her, but she was gone. None of us had ever heard of Swamp Road Sally and I did not know anything about her or this website until I told my story to my daughter.  She did some research and found this site.

Kindly share my story with others, if you wish.

Thank you, sir.

As submitted by C.W.L.W.    9-16-2020  Hopewell, Ohio


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