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"Men With Black Drones"

Swamp Road Chronicles,

Thank you for your wonderfully informative site. I read every new report. I saw Sally once when I was 16, she was at a distance and there was no reason to be afraid. Someday I will tell you about that, but, the reason I'm writing tonight is because I just read your report entitled: "Men In Black RVs." which was dated 2009. I have a much newer report of similar activity.


I have observed a military-style black predator drone hovering over the middle of Pigeon Swamp. It, or a series of them, I don't know, hovered there for 30 days straight, that I know of; it may have been longer. I became aware or it purely by chance. My wife and I are bird-watchers. We often go on Swamp Road or the surrounding country lanes because of the remarkable number of birds that visit the swamp area. We were watching a huge v-formation of high-flying Canada Geese

last May 1st. We were using Swarovski 10 x 42 N.L. Pure Binoculars, which are the gold standard for birding. You can see very clearly at a great distance with them. As I focused in on the birds I notice, far above them, a stationary black dot. Focusing in on the dot, I could make out that it was a military-style drone.


I indicated to my wife, Kilda, what I was seeing, and she confirmed my identification. "Very odd," I thought. I looked at it periodically over a space of 2 hours until Kilda and I went home. It never moved. Curious, I drove over the next morning and found that it was still in the same lofty location, still surveilling, I supposed. I checked on it every couple of days until around May 29th, when I found it was no longer there.


After about 2 weeks of seeing it there, I called the Union Township police and asked them about the drone, they said they had no knowledge about it. I guess I will never know who or what was watching Swamp Road and what they were looking for. The drone was large and those are exceedingly expensive, so, I think it must have been the government.

What could they be looking for?


As submitted by Virgil Sumner, Buckeye Lake, Ohio June 24, 2023


(Editor's note: The person who submitted the above-mentioned report, "Men In Black RVs" wrote:

"My Dad said that perhaps they were trying to prove the existence of Swamp Road Sally through various detection devices. He thought that maybe there was a rift in the time-space fabric there that allowed other-dimensional beings to enter our world; some sort of portal or doorway. Maybe there was a time anomaly." The Swamp Road Chronicles has no official position on the issue, though we have our suspicions.)


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