The Swamp Road Chronicles



This is my story about something that happened to me and my cousin Crystal on Swamp Road. I will forever be a believer is Swamp Road Sally. I know she exists and I'm glad she does, and I know she is not all bad.


Crys and I had just watched the episode of "Unsolved Mystery" that talks about Swamp Road and all of the paranormal things that have happened there. We talked each other into going over there. It's about 10 miles away but we were in the mood for some excitement.


It was about midnight and but we weren't ready to give up and go home, when my cousin said "Look over there, what's that?" I looked where she was pointing and way off to the left there was something white moving across the snow-covered field. We watched, like our lives depended on it. It was like we were hypnotized. If she had come toward us I don't know if I could have reacted. I might have just sat there until she ate our brains or something.


When she got to the road she crossed over it but just at the far edge she stopped and bent down and messed around with the snow at the side of the road, then she stood back up and walked away over the field and out of sight behind a small hill.


Once she was out of sight Crys and I came out of it and we were both talking a mile a minute. We had actually seen Swamp Road Sally! Unbelievable!

After we calmed down some we wondered what she had been doing with the snow up ahead. We decided to go look. What we found was 2 words written into the snow that read: "Hurry Home!"


I got cold chills all up and down my arms, I took it as a warning to get the heck out of there. Crys was scared too. There was just something about those 2 little words that filled us both with dread. We jumped back in the car and hurried home, like Sally said. I'm so very glad we did.


When we burst into the house, all anxious to tell Mom about what happened we noticed a lot of smoke. My mom had fallen asleep watching TV while she was smoking and her bathrobe was literally smoldering as she slept.


We screamed to get her to wake up, but she had a hard time doing it. She had breathed in a lot of smoke and she was nearly unconscious. We threw that robe out into the yard and got her outside where she could breathe.


I believe that Swamp Road Sally saved my mother's life by sending us home in time to help her.


Every time I think about that night that old nursery rhyme goes through my head: "Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home. Your house is on fire and your children are alone."


As submitted by Jeni Carol James 5-28-22 Dublin, Ohio

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