The Swamp Road Chronicles


"Grandpa Casey"

To Whom It May Concern,

I really like your website, and I love learning about paranormal stuff around this part of Ohio. I especially like hearing about Swamp Road Sally; she has been a topic of discussion in my family for 4 generations.


It all began with my Great-Grandpa Casey. Grandpa Casey was just a young man when he encountered Swamp Road Sally for the first time. He often told the story at family get-togethers of how he was never the same after that first sighting of her.

He said it was, "Love at first sight." He claimed he never saw a young woman as beautiful and as graceful as she was. He watched her walk across the road in front of him and then across the boggy field that lies beside Swamp Road. He was "Smitten," as he put it.


He claimed to have seen her six more times over about a 40-year span. Every time he saw her he was "as happy as a pig in poop" for 6 months after that. He would drive up and down Swamp Road almost every week in hopes of seeing her, but he seldom did. Maybe a scarcity of viewings made his heart grow fonder, I don't know. He had an old '48 Plymouth pickup truck with a front license plate that read, 'Sally.' I have attached a photo of the truck my dad took a few years ago. We still have that old truck out behind the barn.


I believe that Great-grandpa Casey's admiration of Sally kept him from finding happiness with any other woman. He was married to my Great-grandmother Eva for just 6 months. He said he just wasn't happy in that marriage; but they did stay friends their whole lives. My grandpa, Casey Jr., was their only child. Great-grandpa Casey never found a woman he wanted to marry after that. None seemed to meet his standards, I guess.


I have heard that other people (both men and women) have been enchanted by Sally, but I don't see any future in it.

So, if you ever drive on Swamp Road and you see Sally's ghost, don't let her capture your heart or your soul, it only leads to loneliness.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

Dalton Swingle


As submitted by Dalton Swingle. Kirkersville, Ohio July 8, 2023


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