The Swamp Road Chronicles


Dear Editor,

We were cruising down Swamp Road last August; there were two of us in the car. The driver was my big brother Paul; he is 21. As we were moving along my brother Paul said, "Look at that thing in the road. It looks like a flashlight or something." Looking ahead, I saw a round green ball of light lying in the middle of the road. It was about the size of a tennis ball. It sort of flickered. We pulled up real close to it and stopped the car.


"I'm going to see what that is", my brother said. He got out of the car. I stayed in the car. It is Swamp Road, you know. I locked the doors. He bent over and picked up the ball of light and looked at it closely. He was smiling and sort of bouncing it up and down in his hand.


All of a sudden, another ball of light, blue this time, came up from his left and began circling around him. It flew close to the first, green ball of light and seemed to touch it. I was totally amazed. Next thing I knew, there was a string of about six of them, different colors, they came up from different directions and began circling around Paul too. They reminded me of the way a mother bird flies around one of her fledglings that has fallen out of the nest.


Paul was grinning ear-to-ear, but I was afraid for him. I yelled through the windshield for him to get back in the car, he just smiled and waved his hand as if to say, "It's OK!"


He bounced that ball in his hand a few more times, each time a little higher.

After a few tosses the orb began to stay up; a little more each toss. After about eight tosses it flew slowly away out toward the middle of the swamp; the others followed behind it, and gradually got too far away to see them.


Paul got back into the car and I asked him what they were. Paul said he didn't know, but it felt warm and it seemed to be alive. He had the sense that the one he held was injured somehow, maybe by a passing car earlier. He said, "I wonder if they were what people call 'fairies?"


We have traveled on Swamp Road many times since then, but have not seen anything else that was unusual.

As submitted by Leigh Woodbine, Homer, Ohio 7-30-22


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