The Swamp Road Chronicles®


“Face in the Stream”


It has been reported that no one knows why “Swamp Road Sally” is seen walking the road, but I had an experience that may shed some light on the question.  Two years ago I worked at the Martin farm just south of the old swamp.  One summer night, after baling hay all day for Mr. Martin, I was walking home on Swamp Road through the old Swampy area when I heard someone crying.  The crying was coming from a small stream that ran under the road through a culvert.


I approached the stream and looked into the water.  The moon was brightly shining and deep down in the stream, I clearly saw the face of a girl looking back at me, and she was crying.

As I looked at her, everything suddenly went dark, I glanced quickly upward where I saw that a cloud has passed in front of the Moon.


When I turned back toward the girl, she had disappeared.


I believe, from the descriptions given to me by the other people who had seen her and told me about their experiences, that she was “Swamp Road Sally”


Perhaps she had drowned in that small stream and that is why her spirit walks late in the night on Swamp Road.


(As Posted by Jenna Hall on 12-07-06)


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